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GPO Momentum Continues: Learn More

Two months following the launch as ADA/M's group purchasing organization (GPO) partner, Aesyntix Physician Network (APN) continues to increase momentum. As of mid-April, APN had approximately 100 individual physician members, representing millions of dollars in buying power for dermatology- and business-related products and services. This increases the "power of the network" and strengthens our position with manufacturers, resulting in even greater benefit for participating practices.

As expected, APN continues to generate interest among ADA/M members, underscoring its value to the organization. Below are a handful of frequently asked questions with brief answers to help provide useful information for current and prospective APN members.

How do I enroll in the GPO? The process is simple. By completing the Aesyntix Physician Network agreement (available online or by request), you are automatically enrolled as a member, giving you access to our discount pricing agreements as well as other value-added resources. To participate in specific medical/surgical supply contracts (e.g., adhesive tapes, needles and syringes, sutures, etc.), you'll need to complete an additional form "opting in" on those contracts.

When will my new pricing take effect? For most business products and services (e.g., AT&T, Staples), your new pricing is effective immediately upon contacting the supplier. For medical/surgical supply contracts (e.g., 3M, Becton Dickenson), it can take up to 45-60 days for manufacturers to apply your new pricing in their systems. Your distributor can confirm when your new pricing is in effect, or you may contact APN for verification.

How can I compare the GPO against my current pricing? With our extensive portfolio of discount pricing agreements for more than 800,000 medical/surgical supply products, it's best to compare your most commonly-used items. APN is building an easy-to-use cost analysis tool that will enable you to analyze a fraction of your items against our GPO pricing, highlighting your potential cost savings on those items. In general, studies show that practices can save between 5-20% through a GPO, as actual savings vary by product and volume.

How do I order from the GPO? You don't. For medical/surgical supplies, you continue to order through your selected distributor (if they participate in our contracts), who will simply apply the new GPO pricing to your purchases. For most business products and services, you purchase directly through the supplier, providing them with your member identification (MID) number for the GPO discount.

For more information on Aesyntix Physician Network and how it can benefit your practice, visit or email